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わ (Female Assertion)

わ (Female Assertion)

わ (Female Assertion) Japanese Grammar Lesson

Grammar Type: Particle

Essential Meaning: Weak Female Assertion Marker

Construction: Sentence + わ


  • わ is used by female speakers to express a weak assertion or volition. わ can also indicate friendliness or intimacy depending on the context.
  • わ can follow any declarative sentence, but it can NOT follow volitional forms of verbs. It would be redundant to combine a volitional verb ending with a volitional ending particle.
    • E.g. *わたしきましょうわ。[I will go.] わ cannot follow volitional verbs.
  • わ cannot be used in interrogative sentences because there would a mismatch in meaning between the assertive わ and the interrogative .
    • E.g. *ジャクソンさんは学生がくせいですかわ。[Is Mr. Jackson a student?]
    • E.g *ジャクソンさんは学生がくせいですわか。 [Is Mr. Jackson a student?]
  • Other sentence final particles besides (such as or) can be used in conjunction with わ, but they must go after わ.
    • E.g. わたしくわね。[I will go, OK?]
    • E.g. わたしくわよ。[I will go too.]

Example Sentences:

わたし明日あしたのパーティーにくわ。[I will go to the party tomorrow too.]

大木おおきさんはまだ学生がくせいですわ。[Oki-san is still a student.]

大木おおきさんはもうかえりましたわ。[Oki-san already went home.]

この部屋へやちいさいわ。[This room is small.]

WILD Examples:

At 1:50, listen for the following line: さようならしてあげる [I’m doing you the favor of leaving you.] In this case わ, emphasizes the singer’s volition to leave her cheating boyfriend.
At 2:00, listen for this line: ゆめのためにベストをつくくす [I’ll try my best for the sake of my dream.]
From 1:56, listen for this line: おなほんかえして、またkく, もうきた[Reading the same books over again, Drawing pictures again, but I’ve already lost interest]
The final line of this song at 3:30 goes like this: すこしもさむくない [I’m not cold whatsoever]
Listen to this line from 0:30: 勉強べんきょうはしないよりもしておいたほうがいい[Rather than not studying, you had better study.]
Listen to this line at 0:50: うっせぇ、うっせぇ、うっせぇ [Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!] うっせぇ is a very casual and aggressive way of saying うるさい [Shut up / Loud].

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