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~すぎる Japanese Grammar Lesson

Grammar Type: Auxiliary Verb (Group 2)

Essential Meaning: Too X / Over-X


  • Verb ます-Form + すぎる
    • E.g. はなしすぎる [X speaks too much]
    • E.g. べすぎる [X eats too much]
  • (い-Adjective / な-Adjective) stem + すぎる
    • E.g. たかすぎる [X is too expensive]
    • E.g. しずかすぎる [X is too quiet]


  • As a main verb, すぎる means “To pass” or “To go beyond some limit“. As an auxiliary verb, it means “To do X excessively“, “To be X excessively“, or “Too X“.
    • E.g. もりさんはふとりすぎている。[Mori-san is too fat.]
  • With ~すぎる, いい becomes よ and ない becomes なさ.
    • E.g. このアパートはトムにはよすぎる。[This apartment is too good for Tom.]
    • E.g. べんはちからがなさすぎる。[Ben has too little power.]
    • E.g. 友子ともこ野菜やさいべなさすぎる。[Tomoko eats too few vegetables.]
  • In a sentence such as “Too X For Y“, “For” is indicated by には.
    • E.g. このアパートはわたしたちにはたかすぎる。[This apartment is too expensive for us.]
    • E.g. このつくえわたし部屋へやにはおおきすぎる。[This desk is too big for my room.]
  • ~すぎる conjugates as a Group 2 verb. Thus, the negative form is すぎない, the polite form is すぎます, and the て-Form is すぎて.

Example Sentences:

ウイルソンさんはにくべすぎる。[Mr. Wilson eats too much meat.]

このアパートはわたしたちにはたかすぎる。[This apartment is too expensive for us.]

わたし今朝けさ寝過ねすぎて学校がっこうにおくれた。[This morning I slept too much and I was late for school.]

田中たなか先生せんせい授業じゅぎょう大変たいへんすぎるのでやめました。[Tanaka-sensei’s course was too demanding, so I quit.]

もりさんはふとりすぎている。[Mori-san is too fat.]

WILD Examples:

At 1:44 the follow line appears: ボロつりざおでつれすぎる[You are able to catch an excessive number of (Koiking) with an old fishing rod.]
At 1:10, listen for this line: キスからさきすすめない、臆病おくびょうすぎる [I’m unable to go further than a kiss…because I’m too cowardly.]
Listen to this line at 2:03: のこ半分はんぶんみじかすぎる [The remaining half is too short, isn’t it?]
Listen to this line from 2:32: かんがえすぎ言葉ことばまる、自分じぶん不器用ぶきようさがきら [I overthink and trip over my words, I hate my awkwardness] In this example, overthinking is the cause of the singer tripping over his words.

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