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そして Japanese Grammar Lesson

Grammar Type: Conjunction

Essential Meaning: And / And then


  • Sentence 1. そして Sentence 2.
    • E.g. べる。そしてる。[X eats. And then X sleeps.]
  • Verb て-Form + そして + Sentence 2.
    • E.g. べて、そしてる。[X eats. And then X sleeps.]


  • そして is a conjunction that is used to connect two sentences. It translates to “And” or “And then“. It is often used to enumerate actions and qualities. そして originated from そうして, but there is an important difference between the そして and そうして in modern Japanese. Namely, そして can ONLY be used as a conjunction, but そうして can be used conjunctively (i.e. “And“) OR adverbially (i.e. “In that way“).
    • E.g. そうしてなおすんですか。[Do you fix it in that way?] In this example, そうして is used adverbially. そして would be unacceptable here.
    • E.g. この道具どうぐはそうして使つかいます。[This tool is used in that way.] In this example, そうして is used adverbially again. そして would be unacceptable here.
  • そして can be replaced by or used in conjunction with the verb て-Form. However, it can sound awkward to combine そして with the て-Form because it feels redundant to have two words that both mean “And” in the same sentence.
    • E.g. 今日きょう東京とうきょうって、そして友達ともだちいました。[Today I went to Tokyo, and then I met my friend.] In this example, it is redundant to have both the て-Form AND そして, but it is grammatical.

Example Sentences:

今日きょう東京とうきょうった。そして友達ともだちった。[Today I went to Tokyo. And then I met my friend.]

昨日きのうあさゴルフをしました。そして午後ごごはテニスをしました。[Yesterday morning I played golf. And then I played tennis in the afternoon.]

この映画えいがはつまらない。そしてながすぎる。[This movie is boring. And it’s too long.]

このはなはきれいです。そしてやすいです。[This flower is beautiful. And it’s inexpensive.]

WILD Examples:

At around 1:40, listen for this line: いたずら、バレエ、そしてチェス [I goof around, I do ballet, and then I play chess.] Notice that the verbs in this example have been omitted for the sake of brevity and style. This is very common in Japanese and particularly so in Japanese music. It’s clear from context what actions Rapunzel is referring to.
Listen for this line at 2:12: おしゃれなよるまちうつしておけ、ひかり適当てきとうにボカしておけ、意味深いみしん果物くだものっとけ、そしてケーキを画面がめんつけとけ [Photograph a fashionable evening street, make sure the light has proper bokeh, hold a piece of fruit that has a profound meaning, and on top of that throw a cake at your face.]

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