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かた / ほうほう

かた / ほうほう

かた / ほうほう Japanese Grammar Lesson

Grammar Type: Suffix

Essential Meaning: Way of / Manner of / How to


  • Verb ます-Form + かた
    • E.g. はなかた [Way / Manner of speaking]
    • E.g. かた [Way / Manner of eating]
  • Sino-Japanese する-Verb + の仕方しかた
    • E.g. 料理りょうり仕方しかた [Way of Cooking / Manner of cooking]


  • かた (かた in kanji) refers to a way of doing something (i.e. “How to do X“) or a manner of doing something (i.e. “The manner of doing X“). For example, かた can be used to say things such as “Manner of speaking“, “How to draw“, “How to play” “Manner of dress“, et cetera. The precise connotation depends largely on context. For example, if I say やわららかいはなかた, I am referring to a “soft manner of speaking.” If I say やりかたがわからない, I’m saying “I don’t know how to do it“.
  • Sino-Japanese verbs that take the form Verb + する (e.g. 勉強べんきょうする [To study], 電話でんわする [To call], 説明せつめいする [To explain], 料理りょうりする [To cook]) require the structure + しかた (仕方しかた in kanji).
    • E.g. 勉強べんきょう仕方しかた [Way of studying / Manner of studying]
    • E.g. 電話でんわ仕方しかた [Way of making a telephone call / Manner of making a telephone call]
    • E.g. 説明せつめい仕方しかた [Way of explaining / Manner of explaining]
    • E.g. 料理りょうり仕方しかた [Way of cooking / Manner of cooking]
    • E.g. 日本語にほんご勉強べんきょう仕方しかたおしえてください。 [Please teach me how to study Japanese.]
  • When かた refers to a way of doing something, かた is interchangeable with ほうほう (方法ほうほう in kanji). 方法ほうほう means “Method” or “Method of doing“, which is basically synonymous with “Way of doing“.
    • E.g. 日本語にほんご勉強べんきょう方法ほうほうおしえてください。[Please teach me the method of studying Japanese.]
    • E.g. 日本語にほんご勉強べんきょう仕方しかたおしえてください。[Please teach me how to study Japanese.]

Example Sentences:

ケーキのつくかたおしえてください。[Please teach me how to make a cake.]

この漢字かんじかたがわかりません。[I don’t know how to write this Kanji.]

あのひとあるかた面白おもしろいですね。[That person’s manner of walking is interesting, isn’t it?]

日本語にほんご勉強べんきょう仕方しかたおしえてください。[Please teach me how to study Japanese.]

WILD Examples:

Listen for this line at 2:51: きみぼくからあきらかたうばったの [You took from me the way of giving up]
Listen to this line at 1:24: ダリンハニーダディーマミーサンドーターベイビー、おなわらかた [Darling, honey, daddy, mommy, son, daughter, baby, all have the same way of laughing]
At 2:56, Mako Mori says this line: No! まだ方法ほうほうのこっている [No! There’s still a way!]

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