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から (Starting Point / Source Marker)

から (Starting Point / Source Marker)

から (Starting Point / Source Marker) Japanese Grammar Lesson

Grammar Type: Particle

Essential Meaning: From / Since / Out of (marks a spatial or temporal starting point or a source)


  • Starting Point / Source + から
    • E.g. 6から [From 6 o’clock]
    • E.g. えきから [From the station]
    • E.g. こめから [From / Out of rice]
    • E.g. ボブから [From Bob]


  • から (Starting point / Source marker) is a particle that marks a temporal starting point (e.g. “From 6 PM“), a spatial starting point (e.g. “From America“), or a source (e.g. “Sake is made out of rice“).
  • When から (Starting point / Source marker) marks a source, that source may be a person (e.g. “From Mark“), a material (e.g. “Out of sake“), or a cause / reason (e.g. “The fight started from a minor quarrel“).

Example Sentences:

パーティーは八時はちじからはじまる。[The party starts from 8 o’clock.]

今日きょう授業じゅぎょう一時いちじから三時さんじまでです。[Today’s lesson is from 1 o’clock to 3 o’clock.]

このバスはニューヨークからた。[This bus came from New York.]

ここから富士山ふじさんえるよ。[You can see Mt. Fuji from here.]

そのタイプライターはだれからりたんですか。[From whom did you borrow that typewriter?]

さけこめからつくる。[Sake is made from rice.]

つまらないことからけんかになった。[The fight started from a minor incident.]

WILD Examples:

Listen to this line at 2:45: Neckいたい, Leg いたい, Head いたい, 一昨日おとといからかたいたいたい, Dry Eye [My neck hurts, my legs hurt, my head hurts….Since last week my shoulder hurts, and even my eyes hurt from dryness]
Listen for this line at 2:51: きみぼくからあきらかたうばったの [You took from me the way of giving up] This is an example of から as a source marker.
This song begins with the following line: ポニョ、ポニョ、ポニョ、さかなあおいうみからやってきた [Ponyo, Ponyo, Ponyo, the little fish girl, has come from the blue sea]

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