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で Particle (Location)

で Particle (Location)

で Particle (Location) Japanese Grammar Lesson

Grammar Type: Particle

Essential Meaning: At / In / On


  • Place + で
    • E.g. 図書館としょかん [At the library]


  • This usage of the で particle indicates the location at which some action or state occurs. It corresponds to the English prepositions “At“, “On“, or “In“, depending on the situation.
  • で (Location) is used to indicate where some action or state takes place and is NOT used to indicate the location where some thing exists (i.e. it not used with existential verbs such as いる and ある). に (Existence) is used for this purpose instead.
  • One exception to the above rule is when the verb ある is used to indicate the location of an event. In such cases, で (Location) is used to mark the location where the event takes place.
    • E.g. こんばんジムのいえでパーティーがあります。[Tonight at Jim’s house there is a party.]
    • E.g. 昨日きのうこの部屋へやでプライス先生せんせい講演こうえんがあった。[Yesterday, Mr. Price’s lecture was in this room.]

Example Sentences:

わたしたちは喫茶店きっさてんでコーヒーをんだ。[We drank coffee at the cafe.]

ゆりこはデパートではたらいています。[Yuriko works a the department store.]

オーストラリアでは十二月じゅうにがつなつだ。[In Australia, December is summer time!]

島崎しまざきさんは日本にほんでは元気げんきでした。[Ms. Shimazaki was healthy in Japan.]

ヘレンははじめて舞台ぶたいうたった。[Helen sang on the stage for the first time.]

WILD Examples:

The first line of this song goes as follows: 交差点こうさてん百円ひゃくえんひろったよ。[I found 100 yen at the intersection.]

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