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あとで Japanese Grammar Lesson

Grammar Type: Conjunction

Essential Meaning: After X


  • Verb informal past + あとで
    • E.g. はなしたあとで [After X spoke]
    • E.g. べたあとで [After X ate]
  • Noun + の + あとで
    • E.g. コンサートのあとで [After the concert]


  • あとで (あとで in kanji) is a conjunction that simply expresses that one action takes place after another action has taken place (i.e. “After X occurs, Y occurs“). あとで does not necessarily imply that one event immediately follows the other. It simply implies that one event precedes the other temporally.
  • In casual speech, で may drop after あと.
    • E.g. はんべたあとすぐ勉強べんきょうした。[Immediately after I ate, I studied.]
  • Be careful not to confuse あとで with てから. The key differences are:
    • (1) てから implies the span of time immediately following some action, while あとで implies any span of time following some action (i.e. it doesn’t imply immediacy).
      • E.g. 日本にほんてから何年なんねんになりますか。[How many years have passed since you came to Japan?]. In this case, the relevant time span is the period beginning immediately after the hearer’s arrival in Japan. Thus, てから is appropriate and あとで is not.
    • (2) With てから, the main predicate generally expresses an action under the subject’s immediate control. あとで does not have such a restriction.
      • E.g. わたしがうちへかえったあとであめった。[After I got home, it rained.]. In this case, てから would be unacceptable because the rain is not under the subject’s control.
  • あとで can be interchanged with ~たら when ~たら conveys a purely temporal meaning.
    • E.g. はんべたらすぐ勉強べんきょうしました。[Immediately after I ate, I studied.]
    • E.g. *日本にほんったらどうですか。[How would you like to go to Japan?] In this case, ~たら is used with the idiomatic expression ~たらどうですか rather than in a purely temporal sense. So in this case, ~たら and あとで are not interchangeable.

Example Sentences:

メイソンさんへ日本にほんったあとで病気びょうきになった。[After Mason came to Japan, he got sick.]

わたし従業じゅうぎょうあと図書館としょかんった。[After class, I went to the library.]

WILD Examples:

At 0:58, listen for this line: ほうきで掃除そうじをしたあと、モップをかけてゆかみが [After tidying up with a broom, I polish the floor with a mop]

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